Asset tracking 24/7 for both powered and non powered assets.

Non powered devices are usually considered an easy target. Our small, portable, discreet device can be tagged to a variety of equipment of all sizes. Most organisations when they think of GPS tracking, straight away think about their vehicles and trucks. Valuable assets that are often stolen. GPS tracking in vehicles is now commonplace and is supported through the ability to tap into existing power systems to ensure ongoing power and charge is available for any GPS tracking module. Non-powered Assets are limited in this regard.

Our asset tracking device is one of the smallest devices on the market with an up to 10 year battery life.


Accurately track the position and use of non powered assets

An asset that doesn’t have its own source of power generation (typically an engine with an alternator) is generally referred to as a non-powered asset. Trailers, commercial generators, shipping containers, water tanks, mobile traffic signs etc.

Accurately tracking the position and use of trailers, generators, storage containers, and other non-powered assets in the field is a valuable aid to productivity and security. With So-Trak, managers can identify underutilised plant, and are better placed to ensure field operations are adequately resourced.

Another benefit that’s derived from tracking these assets addresses the key risk fleet managers face around the theft of non-powered assets. By tracking assets, theft can be proactively identified and managed, and potential recovery of these assets sped up. This reduces the likelihood of damage, and the associated insurance and productivity costs that arise from the absence of essential assets.

  • Non-powered Asset Tracking
  • Know where non-vehicle assets are located
  • Identification of redundant or underutilised assets
  • Improve theft recovery

Powering up your Fleet

So-Trak’s asset tracker includes an industry leading up to 10 year battery life.

Asset security features

Portable Solution

Designed for flexibility of use, the product is transferable from asset to asset within 1 hour.

Size and specification of portable solutions are vital when using them within the fleet.

Our devices fit in the palm of your hand and allow peace of mind as your product of choice for smaller plant assets.

No installation costs

SO-Trak Asset Locator is self installed, deployment of fleets can take only hours…

Products can be mounted, or integrated into machinery and vehicles alike.

Self installation means no install costs!

Live Location Tracking

The web based platform enables customers to locate vehicles live every 120 seconds, the accuracy of location is within 5 metres, giving users peace of mind when tracking assets for safety and security.

Designed for battery durability and flexibility to meet your needs whether you need to monitor, act by movement or even track down your fleet.

So-Trak Asset supports flexible  configurations, so the number of pings daily is down to you. Wireless Battery charging is also optional.

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